Maharashtra Minister Jitendra Awhad Blames Overconfidence for Contracting Coronavirus Infection

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Maharashtra minister and senior NCP leader Jitendra Awhad on Monday said he contracted the novel coronavirus infection due to "overconfidence".

Awhad, MLA from Mumbra-Kausa, had gone into precautionary quarantine on April 13 after some of his security staff tested positive for the virus, and got himself admitted to a private hospital on April 19 where he was detected with the infection some days later.

Awhad, who said he had pre-existing ailments like hypertension and diabetes, was discharged after recovery on May 10.

"It was due to sheer overconfidence I contracted the coronavirus infection. The period between April 23 and 26 was the most crucial in my life. My family was informed that there were little chances of my survival. I was extremely scared for my life. I spent every minute thinking of life and death," he told a news channel.

He said he had even written a note while in ICU which stated that all his property be given to his daughter in case something happened to him.

"The disease made me realise that I have been highly reckless about my health and lifestyle. I had completely forgotten there is life outside politics. Now, I realise my life needs to be more disciplined," he said.