Maharashtra: Man kills wife, himself in front of son in hotel room

FPJ Bureau
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Satara: A regular warring couple who were travelling from Pune to Mahabaleshwar, fought over a trivial issue. The infuriated husband, slashed his wife’s neck and then proceeded to slash his own, all of this in the presence their 11-year-old son. According to police, Anil Shinde (34) and Seema (30), the couple resided in Vishrant wadi of Dhanori area, Pune. On December 5, they had gone to Mahabaleshwar for an outing and were staying in a hotel, when at night they fought over a trivial issue.

This fight escalated to the extent where Anil pulled out a knife and slashed his wife’s throat and tried to kill himself in the same way. All the while, their son stood watching the entire episode. The scared child, went to the owner of the hotel for help. The owner immed­i­a­tely called the police who took the panchnama and statement of the boy. Investigation is underway, said police.