Maharashtra Man Fed Up with a Woman Persistent Demand for Illicit Sex, Committed Suicide

Three headless bodies were found inside a plastic drum lying near a canal in Haryana's Bhiwani district on Friday, police said.

Mumbai, October 16: A 38-year-old man committed suicide in Maharashtra's Parbhani district as he was allegedly fed up with a woman's persistent demand for illicit sex, police said Monday. Sachin Mitkari, who worked in a hospital at Parbhani along with the woman, was found hanging from the ceiling of his house on the Parbhabni-Vasmat road Sunday, police said.

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Neighbours who found him hanging alerted police, who sent the body for post-mortem, said a police official at Parbhani, which is around 500 km from Mumbai.

A suicide note written by Mitkari was found at the spot, police said. In it, he accused the woman of harassing him and of insisting on having the sexual relationship with him, they said.

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Mitkari's note said the woman was aware that he was married but nonetheless was continuously after him, demanding to have sexual relations with him, police said. Going Without Sex For Days Cause Early Death? What Are The Side Effects of Sex Deprivation.

She used to blackmail the deceased by threatening to file a criminal case against him, the official said, quoting the note. Police have registered an abatement to suicide case against the woman, the official said. Further investigation in the matter was underway, he added.