Maharashtra Lays Out Red Carpet for Electric Car Maker Tesla As Elon Musk Hints India Entry

Vinaya Deshpande
·1-min read

Maharashtra government on Friday held talks with US-based company Tesla, offering them resources for opening up a plant for the manufacturing of electric cars. "The meeting was held to woo USA's E-automobile major Tesla to roll out their futuristic offerings through a manufacturing base and research and development (R&D) facility based in the premier state of India," an official said.

Maharashtra has recently taken more steps to bring about ease of business, thereby reducing permissions for opening up industries in the state.

During the meeting between Maharashtra ministers and Tesla officials which was led by cabinet ministers Aaditya Thackeray and Subhash Desai, the government gave details about the availability of infrastructure in the state.

"Subhash Desai told the delegation that the government laid a special emphasis on non-polluting e-vehicles of the variety manufactured by the latter's company. He noted that this provided a 'golden opportunity' for Tesla to invest big in Maharashtra that would accord it a customized red carpet treatment along with commensurate basic infrastructure facilities and special incentives to make a foray in the Indian automotive industry," an official said.

Aaditya Thackeray spoke about the need for e-cars in a city like Mumbai which is already over polluted. "He noted that e-vehicles would prove a boon to improving the quality of life and health particularly in high vehicular density metropolises like Mumbai as the commensurate benefits of pollution free vehicles would be tangible, visible and adopted," an official said.

So far, no commitment has been made by Tesla.