Maharashtra Government denies state Governor permission to visit Uttarakhand

The Governor of Maharashtra has responded to the reasons of the Maharashtra Government not granting him permission to visit Uttarakhand. According to the Maharashtra Government, their reasons were that they thought it was a private function that the Governor was going to attend in Dehradun and that's why permission was not given. The Governor had already in his letter to the Maharashtra Government specified that he would be attending an official event, an induction program of IAS officers in Mussoorie. These conversations were made with the CM's office on the 2nd of February. However, the Maharashtra Government had denied the permission under the claims that the Governor's visit was not an official visit but instead a personal visit to Uttarakhand because he is from there and wanted to visit it after the natural disasters rendered the city damaged. The Governor has denied these claims and said clear communication from his side was made about his visit. He also adds that even if he wanted to visit the state of Uttarakhand after the flash floods, the Maharashtra Government on Humanitarian grounds would have still not denied permission.