Maharashtra: Gas leak from chemical factory in Badlapur creates panic among people; situation under control

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Visuals from Badlapur. (Photo/ ANI)
Visuals from Badlapur. (Photo/ ANI)

Thane (Maharashtra) [India], June 4 (ANI): A gas leakage from a chemical factory in the Badlapur area in Maharashtra's Thane was reported on Thursday night, creating panic in the area.

People in the area were having trouble breathing.

According to Thane Municipal Corporation, the incident took place around 10:22 pm.

"A overheat caused a chemical reaction between sulfuric acid and benzyl acid in the company and caused a gas leak. People in the area were having trouble breathing and squinting their eyes," Thane Municipal Corporation said.

"The fire brigade rushed to the factory as soon as they received the information and the leakage was stopped around 11:24 pm. The situation is under control," it said.

According to the Badlapur Fire Station, no one was injured in the incident. (ANI)