Maharashtra Day 2017 wishes: Maharashtra Din Whatsapp Messages, Quotes, Gif Images and SMS in Marathi to say Happy Marathi Diwas!

Rashmi Mishra
Officials from Mumbai Police, State Reserve Police Force, Home Guards are all set to take part in the parade were Maharashtra state Governor will also be present.

Maharashtra Day or Maharashtra Diwas is an annual event celebrated on May Day i.e. 1st May. The day holds a significant place in the history of the Indian state as on this day Maharashtra attained statehood in the year 1960. While the world celebrates the first day of May as International Workers’ Day or Labour Day, the citizens of state commemorate the formation of the modern-day state of Maharashtra. May Day calls for a special celebration and the festivities for the state’s Foundation Day. Maharashtrians, the locals staying in the state recognize the Maharashtra Day or Maharashtra Din as an important part of their culture. It is a common tradition to wish family, friends and colleagues a Happy Marathi Diwas by sending WhatsApp messages, historical quotes, status for Facebook, GIF images and SMS in preferably Marathi language. Maharashtra Day 2017: History & Importance of Marathi Diwas and Formation of Maharashtra State.

According to historical records, during the British rule, India was divided into about “600 princely states and provinces”. In the mid-1950s, a regional movement known as the Samyukta Maharashtra Andolan started agitations and protested demanding a separate Marathi-speaking state. The Bombay Reorganization Act was passed by Parliament of India to divide the multilingual state of Bombay into Gujarat and Maharashtra, with Ahmedabad and Bombay serving as their respective capitals. The legislation came into effect on 1st May, 1960 with the first Maharashtra Day being observed.

Maharashtra Day celebrations are held at the Shivaji Park in Mumbai annually. The grand event is marked with the presence of the Governor, the Chief Minister and other cabinet ministers, armed force officials, along with the proud and emotional public. Maharashtra Day is commemorated by hoisting the national flag, by a colourful parade and paying tribute to the martyrs. Stock markets, schools and offices across the state remain closed on this day. We take a look at a compilation of Maharashtra Diwas quotes and messages to celebrate the huge occasion with joy and fervour.

WhatsApp Reads: I Wish All People Living In Maharashtra, Happy Maharashtra Day On This Maharashtra Day Lets Unite. Jai Jai Maharashtra Maza, Garza Maharashtra Mera! Happy Maharashtra Day 2017.

WhatsApp Message in Marathi: Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha Garaja Maharsatra Majha, Devaverdha Krishn Koyana Bhadra Godavari, Ikpanache Bharti Pani Matichy Ghagari, Bhimtharichy Chatanala Chatanala, Bhimtharichy Chatanala Yamuneche Pani Paja.

WhatsApp Reads: Long Live Maharashtra, What the people want is very simple. They want Maharashtra as good as its promise. Jai Maharashtra.

WhatsApp Message in Marathi: Kaaly Chativari Koralii Abhimanchii Venii, Poladii Mangate Kelaati Khel Jivghenii, Imnjin, Daridrychhy Unnhat Shijalaa, Nidhalachhy Ghamane Bhijalaa, Deshh Gaouravsathii Zhijalaa

WhatsApp Reads: May the light that we celebrate show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony. Happy Maharashtra Day.

WhatsApp Message in Marathi: Bhiti Naa Amha, Tuzee Moolii Hii Gadgadnary Naabha, Asmanaichhy Dushanila Javab Detii Jihvaa, Sahydrichaa Shinhh Garaajato, Sheev Shabhuu Rajaa, Darii Daritunii Naad Gunjalaa, Jai Maharastra

Maharashtra Day 2017 will be a grand affair in the state to international boundaries. The streets of Thane in Maharashtra witnesses special events commemorating the day. The popular Warli Paintings will be showcased in Vijay Suraksha Art Zone’s workshop for the kids. Outside the country, the Indian consulate in Germany for the first time will be organizing a two-day programme on May Day to celebrate Maharashtra Day at Munich and Stuttgart. The state cultural department and the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) will promote tourism during the important event. Wishing everyone a Happy Maharashtra Day along with Happy International Workers’ Day aka Labours Day.