Maharashtra: AAP welcomes state govt decision to implement Delhi education model

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The government has decided to implement Delhi education model in municipal schools across the state. (File photo)

The Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday welcomed the Maharashtra government’s decision to implement the Delhi education model in municipal schools across the state.

“This is good news and we are all pleasantly surprised. That our political adversaries accept that the Delhi education model is the best in the country, is testament to the quality of work and honesty of our resolve,” said AAP city unit chief Mukund Kirdat.

“Best practices in any government must be replicated across the country, setting aside political differences,” Kirdat added.

Kirdat also said the AAP government in Delhi had set the bar high, with regard to good governance. “We have demonstrated the power of honest political will. We are more than happy to support and cooperate with the state government in this regard,” he added.

“For the past two years, the PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) has proposed five schools of excellence in their budget, but unfortunately nothing happened. We are hopeful that the state government is serious about it now,” Kirdat said.

Stating that the APP was appreciative of the recognition to adapt the Delhi model of human infrastructure across Maharashtra, Kirdat said, “The AAP will enable upon request translation of such intent. The objective is to get our country to a better place, regardless of our political differences. We will leave no stone unturned to help or assist the implementation of our positive experiences in a range of sectors.”

He said, “While the state government will implement the Delhi education model, the AAP has also done stellar work in healthcare, energy, water and public works sectors and we are hopeful that the government will take note of that too for the benefit of the people.”