What are Micro-Containment Zones and What is Maharashtra Govt Planning About Them

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The Maharashtra government on Monday issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for declaration of Micro Containment Zone (MCZ) and compliance of rules to contain the further spread of Covid-19 infection in the state. Micro Containment Zone (MCZ) means any delineated area so declared by local disaster management authority (DMA).

In its order, the government said that this SOP is intended to lay down controls or measures for confinement of Covid-19 infection to designated areas and break the chain of transmission and thus prevent its further spread.

Maharashtra on Sunday reported highest 68,631 Covid-19 Cases in a day and 503 deaths pushed toll to 60,473.

Here is a list of SOPs issued by the state government to break the chain of virus:

– Any Cooperative Housing Society having more than 5 Covid-19 positive cases (who are present in the Housing Society/Building) will be declared as a micro containment zone. – Local DMA to put up a sign outside MCZ declaring it to be so in a way that it is clearly visible to all. All ingress and egress must have this sign. – Local DMA shall establish clear entry and exit points for MCZ. No other routes can be used for entry and exit. – There will be strict perimeter control in place to ensure that there is no outward or inward unchecked movement from and to MCZ except for medical or other emergencies. – DMA can put in more restriction in MCZ compared to other areas of their jurisdiction and may curtail list of essential services and goods for these MCZ. – The society shall make hand sanitizer, temperature measuring devices etc. available at the entrance of the society. – Surrounding area of the society should be cleaned daily and sanitization of this area should be done on regular basis. – All vehicular movement, movement of public transport and personnel movement will be strictly restricted within and outside the MCZ.

The DMA will have an authority to issue fine if someone is found violating the SOPs.

De-notifying of Micro Containment Zones

A locality can be de-notified as a Micro Containment Zone by the local DMA after 10 days of it being notified subject to no new cases being found positive in the CHS in the last 5 days. Till de-notified specifically, MCZ shall continue as such, the order stated.

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