Maha cyber cell registers 395 cases for spreading rumours

Vikash Aiyappa

Mumbai, May 18: A total of 395 cases have been registered by Maharashtra Cyber till Sunday for spreading rumours, hate speeches and false news on social media amid the lockdown for the novel coronavirus outbreak, an official said.

He said 169 cases were registered in connection with content on WhatsApp, 154 on Facebook, 18 on Tiktok, seven related to Twitter, four on Instagram, he said.

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"Besides, 43 cases were registered for misusing audio clips and Youtube videos. In all, 211 people have in arrested for these offences till now," the official said on Monday.

In Hingoli, seven cases were filed for using Tiktok to show a particular community in a bad light in connection with the coronavirus outbreak, he added.

The Maharashtra Cyber department urged parents to keep a watch on the surfing habits and social media usage of children between the ages 8-17.

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