Mah:Bird flu detected in samples of crows in village near Beed

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Aurangabad, Jan 11 (PTI) Bird flu has been confirmed as the cause behind the death of crows in Muggaon village in Beed district of Maharashtra, prompting the district administration to stop transport of eggs and hens out of the village, an official said on Monday.

Beed district collector Rahul Rekhwar said in a release that the samples of three of the 11 dead crows sent to a Bhopal-based laboratory for testing has confirmed the bird flu infection.

The district administration has asked residents of Muggaon, located around 200 kms from Aurangabad, to report if birds die in large numbers, the collector said.

'Trade of eggs and hens and their transport has been stopped as a precautionary measure. This restriction is imposed in the 10-km radius around Muggaon village,' he said.