'Magical Morning': Moose Calf Nuzzles Mother as Snow Falls in Alaska Yard

A family in Homer, Alaska, were surprised by a tender scene in their yard on Sunday, November 29, as a mother moose resting on the ground was nuzzled by her calf amid falling snow.

Jennifer Gibson captured footage of the mesmerizing moment from her living room. Her seven-year-old son can be heard talking briefly before he’s hushed by Gibson and her husband for fear they may be disturbing the moose family’s “private moment.”

Speaking to Storyful, Gibson said, “It was early in the morning, before the sun was up, and my family and I were having a quiet Sunday morning when we noticed the moose outside in our yard.”

After spotting the animals, the family watched for approximately a “half-hour” through their living room window as the pair ate grass and played in their front yard. Later in the morning, two more moose showed up on their property and the mother chased them away, according to Gibson.

She added, “I took many pictures and videos of these moose … It was a magical morning for us and a rare event to see the moose so up close and personal.” Credit: Jennifer Gibson via Storyful