Madurai District Administration Makes Aadhaar Mandatory For Bull Tamers to Participate in Jallikattu Celebrations

Ravi Kaushal
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Jallikattu Organised in Madurai; One Lakh People Expected to Witness Bull Taming Sport in Palamedu, Allanganallur and Avanipuram

Chennai, Jan 14: After three of years of struggle, the residents of Madurai on Sunday finally celebrated bull-taming festival Jallikattu. The district administration expects at least one lakh people will throng to venues at Palamedu, Allanganallur and Avanipuram to see the adventurous sport. Only 1000 bulls and their tamers are allowed to participate in the festival. However, only […]

Chennai, Jan 11: Madurai district administration on Thursday made the Aadhaar registration mandatory for bull tamers to participate in Jallikattu celebrations on January 14. The latest move comes after the speculations of participation of tamers in huge numbers. Jallikattu, one of the prominent festivals in Tamil Nadu, is celebrated on January 14 every year.

Miffed after the new diktat, the peasants alleged that the district administration has passed the orders in haste. They added they are left with very less time to arrange all requisite documents before the festival.

The district administration, reports claimed, expects that the move will help it in managing large crowds at the celebrations in an efficient manner. Similarly, it will also put a check on illegal elements too.

Earlier, the Aminal Welfare Board of India had issued guidelines for bull tamers to be observed at Jallikattu celebrations. In its recommendations, the board said that no animals should be subjected to nicotine and cocaine tests once they are declared fit to participate in the event.

“The animal selected should also be put to nicotine test, cocaine test before a certificate of suitability of the bulls to participate in the event is issued by the authorities,” the board said.

The board also recommended mandatory one-day insurance for bull. “During the event, one-day insurance, which is already in practice, should be made compulsory for the bulls, bullocks, bull owners [and] participants.” The board also said the calves below the age of three would not be allowed to participate in the event.

“The events should be videographed, and that calves below the age of three and above 15 years will not be eligible to participate,” the guidelines added.