Madonna fans are upset that she's bonding with Kim Kardashian: 'I'm actually feeling sick'

Hollywood has welcomed a new celebrity squad — and not everyone’s into it. It has been a big week for budding besties Kim Kardashian and Madonna. The stars bonded at the pop star’s Oscars after-party on March 4, posing for photos with Cardi B and, we imagine, talking shop about kids, corsets, and Kanye. Two days later, they reunited for a talk promoting their respective beauty lines: MDNA Skin and KKW Beauty.

While some are calling it the greatest collaboration since, well, Madonna and Britney Spears, the Material Girl’s longtime fans aren’t feeling this new friendship. The singer’s social media mentions are rife with comments criticizing her association with Kardashian. “You keep disappointing us, Madge.” “So this is the moment when I unfollow you.” “What the world needs less of is women thinking the goal is to look like a f***ing Kardashian! I’ve supported you for years but I do not support this. Sorry.” “Madonna, you have talent, you’re intelligent, you’re the total opposite of her. You worked your a** off. She’s a prissy, privileged plastic who is pimped out by her mother. D*** she wrapped you in her web.” “I’m actually feeling sick, physically, and mentally. Someone I admire with that trash.” “What the f***! You went to the dark side. I’m so disappointed.” “I’m so hurt and can not believe that she would stoop this low to have a no-talentless [sic] b**** promoting her skin care line. I feel betrayed.” “OK… this is too much… I cant stand this anymore… I declare today… after more than 30 years [of] devotion… that I am leaving your fan zone!”

Some “supporters” also accused Madonna of “selling her soul” by using Kardashian to promote her skin care range and celebrity image. “I guess this is a case of MIDLIFE CRISIS or MANAGEMENT PRESSURES or BOTH,” read one comment. “I cannot find any other excuse for these unsuitable artistic choices that you are making. You just need to sit in [the] studio and BE YOURSELF and go onto other creative roads more appropriate to YOUR experience in life. You are going down a superficial road as an artist. This is the perfect moment to explore the ORIGINAL you and not this HOLLYWOOD plastic garbage. You need to EVOLVE as an artist and not become a CHEAP reality show.”

Are Madonna’s fans being too harsh? After all, it wasn’t so long ago that the pop star was written off by some naysayers as a no-talent provocateur. And yet, here she still stands.

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