Madhya Pradesh Shocker: 84-Year-Old COVID-19 Patient Sent Alone in Taxi From Indore to Mumbai, Family Blames Daughter-in-Law for Inhuman Act

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Indore, May 19: In a bizarre incident, an 84-year-old elderly man, who had contracted COVID-19, was sent alone to Mumbai from Indore in Madhya Pradesh in a taxi. Reports inform that the elderly man was forcibly discharged from the hospital after which he was sent to another city (Mumbai). According to a report by Hindustan Times, the man has been identified as Ashok Chaturvedi. His family members have accused his daughter-in-law Dipika Chaturvedi of carrying out this inhuman act. Bareilly Shocker: One Killed Over Dinner Plate Dispute After Groom's Family Attacks Bride's Kin.

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Talking about the man's ordeal, the family members were quoted in the HT report said that Dipika did this to usurp the money of their father. The incident comes at a time when people across the world are spreading messages to help those suffering COVID-19. As per details by the elderly man's daughter Jaya Chaturvedi, who lives in Mumbai, the man was admitted to a hospital and was getting treatment for COVID-19. She claimed that Dipika sent him to Mumbai in this condition, without informing the family members. The man had not even tested negative for COVID-19, his daughter informed.

Describing the inhuman act, the daughter said that she had to struggle to find the registration number of the taxi he was sent. She added that Dipika is no more in talking terms with them and has completely cut off communication with the family members. The girl is still waiting for her father's arrival in Mumbai.

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The man has two daughters and both allege that all the money of their father has been usurped by Dipika, and they don't know where and how it has been used. They informed that Ashok Chaturvedi was taken from his native place Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh to Indore by the daughter-in-law without their consent. Later, after reaching Indore, he got sick and was admitted to Noble Hospital. He later tested positive for COVID-19 positive and was told to be shifted to another hospital by the daughters.

The man is now sent all alone in a taxi from Indore to Mumbai traveling for 16 hours being COVID-19 positive without informing anybody from the family. The HT report states that they have also accused Dipika's mother Sneh Chaturvedi and sister Ritika of being aware of everything and helping her carry out this crime. They have now decided to approach the police for appropriate action.

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