Madhya Pradesh Horror: Stalker Kills 21-Year-Old Girl on Moving Express Train, Jumps off the Coach After Stabbing Her to Death

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Bhopal, June 3: A horrific incident has been reported from Madhya Pradesh where a stalker stabbed a woman to death on a moving train. Reports inform that the 21-year-old girl, who was traveling to Bhopal from Indore for a job, that was offered to her by a friend. According to a report by TOI, the victim, identified as Muskan Hada, was stabbed to death on a moving express train in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday night.

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The report further states that the murder took place on board the Indore-Bilaspur Express. The accused committed the heinous crime just as the train was approaching Sehore railway station, which is about 40km from Bhopal. Sehore additional SP Sameer Yadav was quoted in the report saying that the deceased was a resident of Indore. Madhya Pradesh Horror: Iron Rod Inserted in Widow’s Private Part in Sidhi District; 3 Accused Arrested.

The accused has been identified as Sagar Soni. The report said that the man had been allegedly stalking Muskan for a long time. Police informed that he followed her into the sleeper coach and as soon as she saw Sagar, the scared girl dialed her younger brother for help. The accused went near her and the duo had an argument. Later, the accused took out a knife and stabbed her in the throat.

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The cops were quoted in the report saying that the accused jumped off the running train after committing the crime while the girl ran inside the coach bleeding from her trachea and crying for help. The additional SP said that the other passengers in the coach were so terrified that they moved to another coach, leaving the girl helpless. The girl bled from her mouth and died within a few seconds, the report informed.