Madhya Pradesh: Deepak Babaria wants RaGa's aide Meenakshi Natrajan as Congress state president

BHOPAL: The Congress is under pressure for appointing MPCC head. The pressure is especially building after the appointment of the BJP’s state head.

MP in charge Deepak Babaria’s stubbornness has compounded confusion over appointment of MPCC head.

Babaria wants former MP, Meenakshi Natrajan, should be made MPCC president.

On the other hand, most of the Congress leaders are against Natrajan’s appointment as MPCC president.

Consequently, appointment of MPCC president is taking time. Those who are in the race for the MPCC head are former MP Jyotiraditya Scindia, former LoP Ajay Singh, chairperson of Congress’s media committee, Shobha Oza, former MPCC president Arun Yadav, minister Jitu Patwari and MLA Kantilal Bhuria.

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The name of Bala Bachchan has been put up on behalf of Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

Natrajan is close to former AICC president Rahul Gandhi. She has played an important role in introducing Babaria to Rahul and in making him in charge of the party’s state unit.

By appointing Natrajan as MPCC president, Babaria wants to control the party organisation.

Earlier, Scindia’s name was almost finalized for the post. But since Nath stood as wall before Scindia’s appointment, the latter’s name is no more discussed for the post.

It is only after that, Babaria began to push Natrajan’s name. According to sources, Babaria recently toured the state and discussed with the leaders of the organisation about making Natrajan as MPCC president.

Nevertheless, most of the leaders were opposed to her being appointed. They want Singh as state party president, but Babaria is not ready for it.

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