Madhya Pradesh: Congress, BJP exchange barb over ROB’s rechristening

BHOPAL: Heated argument between Congress and BJP and controversy shrouded rechristening Railway Over Bridge (ROB), Bawadiakalan on Friday.

Taking credit of ROB, Congress men shouted slogan “Kamal Nath Zindabad” while BJP men raised the slogan “babuji amar rahe”. The slogans led to heated argument between leaders of both the party over credit.

It was function to dedicate ROB on Friday but mayor Alok Sharma, MLA Krishna Gaur and BJP supporters had heated argument with Congress workers for taking credit. ROB has been constructed with Rs34 crore. District –in-Charge minister Dr Govind Singh, Public Relations minister PC Sharma dedicated ROB.

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Ex-mayor and MLA Krishna Gaur demanded to rechristen ROB after name of ex-CM late Babulal Gaur. While Congress men credited Chief minister Kamal Nath. Work order was issued in 2016 for construction of ROB.

Public Relations minister PC Sharma said, “State government is committed for the development of state. Many programmes and schemes have been launched for the welfare of the state and more will be introduced.”

MLA Krishna Gaur said, “I personally as requested Chief minister for naming ROB after name of Babulal Gaur as he was highly active for development of state capital. He took initiatives for many flyovers and ROB so it is justified to rechristen ROB in the name of Babulal Gaur. So today, it was dedication only. Issue of naming is still pending.”

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