Madhur Bhandarkar murder plot: Preeti Jain gets 4 weeks to appeal conviction in HC

Model Preeti Jain was convicted by the sessions court of plotting to murder Bollywood producer Madhur Bhandarkar and got bail on Rs 15,000 cash bond.

Model Preeti Jain got bail on Rs 15,000 cash bond on Friday after she was convicted of plotting the murder of Bollywood producer Madhur Bhandarkar. The sessions court gave her four weeks time to appeal in the High Court.

Jain didn't look disturbed after the conviction and said her lawyers will file an appeal in the High Court. "I respect judiciary. I am happy after the verdict. I will file an appeal in the High Court against the verdict. I have faith in the judiciary. This is a false case against me put to deter me in the rape case," said Jain.

Denying that she had plotted Bhandarkar's murder after she got a setback in the rape case, she said, "The rape case was quashed in the Supreme Court with my consent. There was no setback in rape case. I got justice in rape case."

Jain was convicted along with her two associates, Naresh Pardeshi and his aide Shivram Das, for three years of imprisonment.

The prosecution said in court that Preeti Jain paid Rs 75,000 to the gangster but when he didn't do the job, she asked for her money back. Word reached Arun Gawli and he alerted the police.

After enquiry Mumbai Police registered a case against Jain for paying gangster Arun Gawli's aide Naresh Pardeshi to kill Bhandarkar, almost a year after she filed a rape case against the filmmaker.

During the trial, the court examined 51 witnesses including Bhandarkar.

Bhandarkar said in a tweet, "Some things are better left unsaid! Some things are better left as they are. Life moves on, so have I."

It all started in 2012 when Jain filed a rape case against the filmmaker which was quashed in the Supreme Court.

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