Madhoo On Jaya Bachchan-Kangana Ranaut's Spat: It Depends On The Colour Of The Glass You're Wearing

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Amid the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) probing the alleged drug nexus in Bollywood, Samajwadi Party MP and veteran actress Jaya Bachchan alleged a conspiracy to defame the film industry. While speaking at the Parliament, the actress bashed Kangana Ranaut and Ravi Kishan for their recent comments on the film industry. Soon, Kangana too, lashed out at the senior actress in a series of tweets.

Recently, while speaking with Hindustan Times, actress Madhoo of Roja fame shared her opinion on this controversy.

Madhoo Reacts To Jaya Bachchan-Kangana Ranaut's Spat

The actress told the tabloid, "It all depends on the colour of the glass you're wearing. Kangana might have been through bad experiences but Jaya ji probably didn't face such a thing. But because I haven't been through anything bad, I can't say what the other person is saying is absolutely rubbish."

Madhoo Says That She Worships The Film Industry

Madhoo said that she "worships" this industry, and accepts "the good opportunities and the ones I missed" as destiny. The actress further stated that she cannot take sides because everyone has their own journey. "If Kangana has suffered badly in the hands of some people, she is coming from that experience," she further added.

Madhoo On Working With Kangana Ranaut

Madhoo and Kangana Ranaut will be seen sharing screen in Thalaivi. Talking about working with Kangana, Madhoo said, "I will definitely work with her. From my personal experience, she's a wonderful actor and doesn't throw her weight around on the set. I'm a professional and for me it's a great role and I want to play it as an artiste."

Madhoo Feels The Insider-Outsider Debate Is Being Stretched Too Far

Madhoo, who is actress Hema Malini's niece, told the tabloid, "Yes, being an insider I did have an easy access but whether that turned into film projects, I don't think so. No one will work with you if your films don't do business. That's how it works. But, if somebody has been treated badly, humiliated and hurt physically or emotionally then it's his/her prerogative to be defensive or offensive. However, with my experience I can't say the whole industry is bad."

Further, Madhoo said that she will be there to guide her children if they decide to become actors in the future.

Madhoo On The Drug Culture In Bollywood

"So mentally, everyone, even the most successful people, go through dark moments and somehow try to escape it. I didn't come across the drug culture, but back in the day when I was working actively, the alcohol culture was prevalent. Probably now it might have become the drug culture for the same reason. But then this is everywhere - youngsters are especially prone to it. So, the clean drive shouldn't just be about Bollywood but the entire society," Hindustan Times quoted the actress as saying.

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