When Macca, Lennon mulled reuniting to perform on 'SNL' for 1,875 pounds

London, June 14 (ANI): Beatles star McCartney has revealed that it was band mate John Lennon who suggested they should accept Lorne Michaels' offer to perform on his show in the mid-1970s.

The 'Saturday Night Live' producer had earlier offered to pay the 'Fab Four' 1,875 pounds to perform three Beatles numbers on his weekly comedy show as part of a SNL skit, reports the Daily Express.

"He (Lennon) said, 'We should go down, just you and me... We'll say, 'There's only two of us, we'll make half the money...' And for a second..," McCartney told Access Hollywood.

However, the plan was never implemented, as McCartney said, "it would have been work and we were having a night off and so we elected to not go... It was a nice idea. We nearly did it..." (ANI)