Maatr review roundup: Bollywood critics say Raveena Tandon's movie is a bit overdramatised

Parismita Goswami
Raveena Tandon, Maatr

Raveena Tandon's hard-hitting social drama Maatr, which is set to open in theatres on Friday, April 21, has received positive reviews from Bollywood critics, who watched the film during special screening held by the makers on Thursday.

Directed by Ashtar Sayed and written by Michael Pellico, Maatr marks the comeback of Raveena to big screen after a gap of 14 years. It deals with the subject of violence against women and revolves around Raveena's character Vidya Chauhan – a powerful and fierce mother – who is out to seek revenge for the rape of her daughter.

Critics have claimed that though the intention of the film is to serve as a wake-up call for crime against women, some portions of the film are overdramatised.

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Much before its release, the movie sparked controversy after members of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) objected to the alleged violent content and cuss words and rumours of the film being banned had started doing the rounds. The censor board, however, refuted these reports as mere rumours.

Maatr has finally been cleared for release after the makers reduced a 13-minute scene to four minutes.

Below are some of the Bollywood critics' review of Maatr:

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Meena Iyer of the Times of India said: "Delhi, where this film is based is often referred to as the rape capital of India. And the film's sole intention is to serve as a wake-up call for the atrocities against women. So you applaud the intention. However, the film itself is over-dramatized account of the heinous crime and what follows. Raveena is sincere as the victim who sullies her hands to get justice. But, the amount of bloodshed, leaves you asking, what is worse."

Kunal Guha of Mumbai Mirror said: "The true success of revenge thrillers lies in how well the said badlaa has been detailed and the extent one is willing to go to jab it to those who've wronged her. On that count, Maatr falls a bit short as the payback seems barely fitting. That said, the film manages to keep you guessing and hopeful about the events to follow. Returning to the big screen, Raveena Tandon seems to be in top form. This may not be as edgy or dark as NH10, but packs in the same amount of trauma."

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