Maanagaram special screening: Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra-starrer gets rave reviews

Shekhar H Hooli
Maanagaram, Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Sri

The makers of Maanagaram (Managaram), which is set to be released on March 10, held a special screening for Tamil film critics on Monday. And the Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra-starrer has received rave reviews from them.

Maanagaram is a riveting urban crime thriller movie, which marks the debut of Lokesh Kanagaraj as director as well as scriptwriter. This hyperlink film follows four stories that converge at one point to make the remaining story. Set against a crime backdrop, the flick deals with metropolitan dreams in the lives of a few characters. The film will also focuses on Chennai city as one of the major characters.

Now, several critics have shared their verdict on Maanagaram on Twitter. Debutante Lokesh Kanagaraj has penned a brilliant script for the film and he has an amazing grip over the narration. His characterisation is meticulous and he has tapped out superb performance from lead actors Sundeep Kishan, Sri, Regina Cassandra, Charle and Ramdoss.

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Here are some critics' reviews of Maanagaram posted on Twitter:

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan

Describing how terrific #Maanagaram is in a tweet wouldn't do justice to the film. It warrants a trip to the theater to be left blown away. The writing in #Maanagaram, even while adopting a hyperlink narrative, is so seamless that you can't stop raving about how well it's handled. There's so much to be like about #Maanagaram. Lokesh makes a terrific directorial debut. I can't wait to know what he has up his sleeve. #Maanagaram is unmissable. A truly terrific urban thriller abt metropolitan dreams. Has enough laughs too. Going with 5 on 5. Must watch

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Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#Maanagaram 1st Half: One of a kind awesum scrnplay.. A series of interlinking incidents & chars.. Underbelly of Chennai.. @sundeepkishan #Maanagaram : One of a kind.. Vera Level! Must Watch! Kudos Dir #Lokesh @prabhu_sr @sundeepkishan @ReginaCassandra #Shri . @srushtiDange 's act in #Mupparimanam as the gal who looks at Present day romance from a Practical POV gets praise from critics and fans.. Whole theatre filled with laughter & enjoyment at @Potential_st 's "Super Hit" #Maanagaram Premiere show last night.. @johnsoncinepro

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac

#Maanagaram 1st half - Superb script, with multiple interlinked characters, set in Chennai. Gripping all the way with a well-knit screenplay. #Maanagaram Mindblowing! Can't explain the feeling in words. Bowled over by the seamless screenplay & script of Dir Lokesh MUST MUST WATCH. #Maanagaram 4/5.. Gangsterism - dark comedy - thriller - some romance - superb edits - packed screenplay. One of a kind. Best in a long time @prabhu_sr A film that you and @Potential_st can be really proud of, sir. Modern day classic! #Maanagaram - Also a grt interpretation of Chennai, as a hub of outsiders who get used to the place eventually. The 'helping' touches were How good was Muneeshkanth in #Maanagaram !Major plus point. ROFL moments all through. He's starting to rule the 'asattu comedian' zone.

Surendhar MK @SurendharMK

What a mind-blowing piece of work debutant Lokesh Kanagaraj's #Maanagaram is. Undeniably absorbing thriller with a fine ensemble cast.

Review Ram‏ @MovieReviewRam

#Maanagaram - Interval - Dubbing falls as an issue , 4 stories linked together finely with some interesting sequences . 'Decent' so far . #Maanagaram - A definitely watchable thriller which has few hurdles in b/w but the lifelike flow fades them away. @prabhu_sr @sundeepkishan

Maathevan‏ @Maathevan

இது என் ஊரு! #Maanagaram - Undeniably mind-blowing! Get ready to book your tickets this weekend! Thank you @prabhu_sr for this!

Priya Mathan‏ @priamathan

#Maanagaram a product of clever writing & meticulous characterisation. Substance over superheroes.Credits to @Potential_st #LokeshKanagaraj

Bramma G‏ @bramma23

#Maanagaram Well written and well exceuted film. Congrats debutant Lokesh and dear @prabhu_sr

Apsar R‏ @apsar25

Totally inspired by the movie #Maanagaram ,@sundeepkishan bro ur char became fav one for me,the dialogue"un maela pacha gaandla irukan"

Ragulparasuram‏ @ragulparasuram

#Maanagaram - Gripping screenplay. Every aspect of the film has worked out well. Undoubtedly the best movie. Do watch in cinemas. #Maanagaram - Music & Photography are best as what the movie needs. Dir Lokesh Kanagaraj, thanks for giving an brilliant movie. @prabhu_sr

Sathish‏ @dancersatz

Managaram one hell of the best movie I have ever seen in my l. Managaram will remain as a best film in my life hatts off to the director @sundeepkishan #sree n music director nailed it @prabhu_sr salute

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