Maa Durga in avatar of migrant worker waiting for relief | Kolkata Ground Report

While Maa Durga has traditionally been imagined as Devi, the divine goddess in all glamour and grandeur, a Kolkata Durga puja committee has dared to do the unthinkable. The artist using creative freedom has imagined Maa Durga as a migrant worker standing outside a relief camp and waiting to fetch relief for her children. The idol in clay but with the third eye has become the taking point invoking mixed feelings. The migrant crisis has been captured in all the spirit. The set up is that of a relief camp and the Devi is shown not helpless but in all the might and power, with the unmissable resolve to go to any extent to save her children from hunger. The migrant issue has been a subject of a political tussle between TMC and BJP. While the clubs are not giving any political message but a social one, yet the political thought possibly can't be ignored. The Devi in migrant form begs the question, would we as a society treated out migrants better had she truly been The Durga?