Luxurious Costa Cruise ship docks at Cochin port

Costa Cruise ship is docked at Kerala's Cochin port and it has luxurious facilities to fulfill all the requirements of the tourists. Bringing cruise line in India will help to expand tourism in the country. While speaking to ANI, Managing Director of Lotus Destination Nalini Udai Gupta spoke about her vision behind bringing the cruise line in India. She said, "Cruise line is coming to Indian ports and especially to Cochin which has the port infrastructure which allows the big ships to come in. I think Keralites are actually, natural cruisers. They are living all over the world so even in Maldives we had a very good response. Costa brings ships to Indian ports, it shows their commitment and from my side, I always tell the headquarters that they look at India and do what they can do because people will travel so you don't have to worry about people travelling or no. So, bringing ships is our first step to towards increasing tourism and increasing cruising."