Lucknow resident plants saplings near his mother's grave, says lost her due to 'lack of oxygen'

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Hanif (second from left) planting a sapling at a Lucknow graveyard (ANI).
Hanif (second from left) planting a sapling at a Lucknow graveyard (ANI).

By Kamna Hajela

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 21 (ANI): A Lucknow resident, who said he lost his mother last month as "medical oxygen could not be provided," is planting saplings near her grave.

Mohammed Hanif Khan, a resident of Haidarganj in Lucknow, said his mother Jameela Bano's health suddenly worsened last month "due to difficulty in breathing".

"She could neither get a hospital nor an oxygen cylinder which led to her death. After this, I understood the importance of oxygen," Hanif Khan said.

He said she was not tested for COVID-19 and could not conclusively say if she had contracted the disease.

Khan's mother was laid to rest at Suppa Cemetery at Talkatora Road in Lucknow.

"I decided to plant saplings near her grave to do my bit to add oxygen in air. I could not provide her oxygen when she needed the most but I believe my decision will bring peace to her soul," he added.

Khan said trees will ensure that her mother's remains will "forever remain in the shade of trees" and added that he is also planting trees at other places in the graveyard so that it has more fresh air.

Khan said planting saplings is his contribution to preserving environment after realizing "the importance of oxygen" and added that he will keep planting trees in the future. (ANI)

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