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Adityanath had given the speech at the Yoga Mahotsav in Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh city earlier this month.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made a strong impression on social media users in China. Indian Twitter has been abuzz with news that a video of the chief minister speaking about yoga, with subtitles in Mandarin, has been widely shared on Weibo — the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. In the video, Adityanath is heard talking about how yoga can save people from ailments, including the novel coronavirus, which originated in China and has infected people worldwide. Adityanath had given the speech at the Yoga Mahotsav in Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh city earlier this month. Several Indian social media users shared the video and commented that the Chinese were more receptive to the benefits of yoga than Indians.

Faux Pas

The Congress and its general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra were left embarrassed after she had to delete one of her tweets on farmers’ plight in Uttar Pradesh that was posted with photos with no connection to the state. In the tweet, Priyanka had asked the state government to provide compensation to farmers whose crops were damaged in heavy rain and hailstorm that hit the state last week. Chief Minister Adityanath’s media advisor Mrityunjay Kumar was quick to point out that the photos were from Pakistan and Rajasthan. Kumar taunted Priyanka, saying “we know you love Pakistan by don’t put photos of Pakistan and Congress-ruled Rajasthan”. He also posted screenshots of the sources of the actual photographs. After Priyanka deleted the tweet, Kumar taunted her again. Social media users were quick to advise the official to focus on development and farmers’ welfare instead of pointing out the mistakes of other politicians.

Rumour Spree

With at least seven confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infections, the state is on the edge. The government and concerned authorities are dealing with rumours and false information about the outbreak. While health officials are trying to clear misconceptions about the use of masks and Chinese products, a recent rumour about the escape of a suspected patient from a hospital in Gorakhpur created massive panic across the state. The district administration confirmed it was false news and later found that a local media organisation was behind it. Authorities have taken legal action against the outlet.