Loyal dog stays by owner side after he falls in a ditch; heartwarming story goes viral

Though Brennan was able to call emergency service, he realised there was another problem.

A dog from Ireland is being hailed as a hero after he led the cops to his owner, who had fallen in a ditch. Sixty-two-year-old Pat Brennan, who was taking his four-legged friend Jack for their daily night walk, fell in a ditch and realised that he probably would not be able to get out on his own, The Independent reported.

Fortunately for Brennan, his dog stayed by his side and even alerted the garda , the state police force of the Republic of Ireland, to the man. In an interview with the website, he explained how the accident happened. "I’m a bit of an astronomy geek, and I had noticed a planet beside the moon while out walking, and I was looking up, wondering which one it was."

"Jack was scratching around beside me, and when I went to move on again he kind of jerked the lead and knocked me off balance. I’ve had a stroke in the past so my balance isn’t great, and I ended up falling sideways down the bank and out of view. I knew there was no way I could get out, and I also feared that Jack might just run off, because he’s only a pup."

Though Brennan was able to call emergency service, he realised there was another problem. "When you ring the emergency services you get through to a central control station, probably in Dublin. You don’t get through to anyone locally," he told the media company. "So I had to tell them I was somewhere on the bog road in Portarlington, and they had to pass the message on to the local garda ," he added.

Thankfully, with Jack standing and whimpering near the area, a car passing by was able to help Brennan. "After about 10 minutes I could hear a car going by, but there was no way for me to alert them or draw their attention to me. But then when they spotted Jack they knew I must be nearby," he explained.

Once rescued, Brennan was checked for bruises and cuts and then sent home. Meanwhile, the state police tweeted the heartwarming incident on social media, praising the loyal dog. "Jack the Dog stayed by his side & showed Garda where he was. Even when ambulance arrived Jack wouldn t rest unless he could see him!" Once shared online, it did not take long for the post to go viral, with many complimenting the animal.