I love boxing, train for three hours a day: 5-yr-old Arindam after registering world record

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Arindam Gaur
Arindam Gaur

By Nitin Srivastava

New Delhi [India], July 9 (ANI): Five-year-old Arindam Gaur, who registered a world record of 'fastest hundred boxing punches', has wished luck to six-time world champion boxer Mary Kom ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

Arindam (5years, 05 months, and 08 days) performed a hundred boxing punches in thirteen seconds and seven deci seconds (13s:07ds) on May 30 to register the record.

"I love boxing very much and want to become a big boxer. I train for 3 hours a day, morning and evening sessions. I study in class one and my favourite boxer is Vijender Singh and Mary Kom. I want to give my best wishes to Mary Kom ma'am for the Olympics," Arindam told ANI.

Arindam's father Arun Gaur explained how his child started boxing and registered the world record. "I brought a punching bag for Arindam on his fifth birthday as many times he had asked me to get a punching bag. I don't know from where he came to know about it but he kept asking me for bag and slowly he started practicing on his own," recalled Arun.

"One day I saw a story in a newspaper and told him that see this kid has marked world record. He said papa I will also make world record in boxing," he added.

Arun said he didn't pay heed to his child's comments but decided to train him in the academy when he thought Arindam was serious about boxing.

"I didn't take that seriously but I started his practice at home and soon I saw that he was doing good naturally. Then I decided to train him in the academy but due to COVID-19 it couldn't happen, so we started training at home only," said Arun.

"I used to play before but due to slip disk I had to stop but now I feel that my son will do. Now I have started his training he is going for MMA. We approached Golden Book of World Records they told me the process and we followed and we sent his video to them and after analysing they wrote to us this week that the record has been accepted," Arindam's father concluded. (ANI)

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