Love Aaj Kal: 10 Bizarre Takeaways From Imtiaz Ali’s Film With Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan (SPOILER ALERT)

Sreeju Sudhakaran

Imtiaz Ali had been on a low since the disastrous reception of the 2016 film Jab Harry Met Sejal, that created a huge dent in Shah Rukh Khan's box office credibility. Something which King Khan hasn't managed to recover from even after three years. As a sort of comeback, Imtiaz Ali chose to remake his own film, Love Aaj Kal, for reasons best known to him. The original film, starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Rishi Kapoor, came only 11 years before. The newer version doesn't even add any kind of numerical syntax to the title, and retains the same name. Love Aaj Kal Movie Review: Imtiaz Ali Puts Up Another Disappointing Show in Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan’s Vaguely Annoying Love Story.

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Instead of Saif, it is his daughter, Sara Ali Khan, who steps into his shoes as the commitment-phobic youngster. Paired opposite her is her rumoured real-life paramour, Kartik Aaryan. Like with the first film, there are dual timelines in the new Love Aaj Kal too with Aaryan doing a double role, and Randeep Hooda playing an older version of one of the characters. Arushi Sharma is the female lead in the '90s storyline. Love Aaj Kal Box Office Collection Day 1: Kartik Aaryan-Sara Ali Khan's Film Opens With Poor Occupancy In The Morning Shows At Multiplexes.

So how does the new Love Aaj Kal fare in comparison to the older counterpart? Well, not so good! The movie has been getting very mixed reviews, with huge criticism for the muddled screenplay and the performance of Sara Ali Khan. Imtiaz Ali is also facing flak for his problematic view of millennials and infusing his now-formulaic Rumi-isms in what he thinks is their perceived slang. Love Aaj Kal offers nothing new, and is basically a reprise of his previous films, like Tamasha, Rockstar, Socha Na Tha and even Jab Harry Met Sejal. In the end, we won't blame you if you look at your neighbour, and ask what exactly was the point of the film.

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In this special feature, we look at the 10 bizarre moments and ideas that Love Aaj Kal chose to put in to tell a new-age, but old-as-the-hills love story. Needless to say, HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!

#1 Stalking is a Cute Way To Flirt

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

We are in the third decade of the 20th century. Women activists have been crying hoarse about how Bollywood is romanticising the idea of stalking as a form of courtship, which in real life, means nothing but trouble. But our Bollywood filmmakers are tone-deaf, including Imtiaz bhai, who actually has Love Aaj Kal's opening sequence show a double scene of a girl asking the boy why he is following her, both in 1990 and 2020, and then tells him not to stop! Samjha? Ladki ke naa mein bhi haan hai!

#2 Uber Drivers Can Never Get Your Location

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

Zoe (Sara Ali Khan) is giving Uber some very bad PR. Apparently none of their drivers seems to get to her location right. And instead of choosing OLA, as we generally would, she decides to go pillion ride on her creepy stalker's bike.

#3 Work and Life Can Never Find a Balance (Especially If You Are A Woman)

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

Love Aaj Kal's biggest conundrum is that Zoe couldn't think the romance and career can go hand-in-hand. She is all of 22, and is heavily influenced by her mother, who wants her to focus on her career (only to change the tune when a rich alliance comes by), or a cafe-owner, who randomly turns Cupid in her love life. Why does she want to rush into stuff is something only she and Imtiaz can answer. After Tamasha and now Love Aaj Kal, I really can't figure out why Imtiaz Ali hates working professionals. Does he expect everyone to chuck their jobs, take up a chillum and get zoned out? Who would buy tickets for his next movie?

#4 Opening The Top Button Before an Interview is a Sign of Confidence

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

When Zoe goes for her first big interview, she opens the first button of her shirt just before entering the cabin to create a 'good impression'. Unfortunately for her, that gets caught in the CCTV and she is questioned about it. Instead of being sheepish, Zoe goes on a rant about how she is confident with her body, and it is the problem with the other person, if he finds anything wrong with her doing so. Not only is this the most awkward interview ever seen in a movie, but also it doesn't end there. Zoe is again called back the same company and given an event to manage, just so that they can see her fail. Errr...what?

#5 Veer is Just Bizarre. But Why?

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

Okay, what the heck is Veer (Kartik Aaryan)'s deal? He is smooth enough to pick a girl from a pub for a casual fling, then refuses to have sex with her claiming she is 'special'. He then acts like a creep and stalks her around, and thankfully, since this is an Imtiaz Ali film, he is not slapped with a restraining order or gets a heavy dose of pepper spray. And the way Kartik Aaryan depicts the character feels as he is auditioning for The Big Bang Theory and Rockstar simultaneously, and getting rejected in both.

#6 Raghu is the Worst Cupid Ever!

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

Raj/Raghu (Randeep Hooda) decides from Zoe and Veer's one little confrontation, and the latter's creepy behaviour to pronounce they are a match for each other. He acts as this love guru, and offers nuggets of romantic wisdom to Zoe, even though she never asked for them. He even tells his own story to inspire her to go for it, conveniently hiding the patchy areas of his romance. It turns out that he has more in common with Zoe than Veer, as we discover him to be a cheat and a philanderer and ruining his own love story. In short, Raghu has a great career in politics, seeing how big of a hypocrite he is in real life.

#7 Sara Ali Khan Ruining Four Important Scenes!

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

Sara Ali Khan was considered as one of the most promising among the newcomers, as seen in her performances in Kedarnath and Simmba. So it came off as a surprise to see her give out such a theatrical performance here, and also ruining some good scenes in the process. The first scene is a shouting match between Zoe and her mother, played by actress Simone Singh who is equally bad in the scene. The second scene is the one where Zoe meets Veer's parents and has a panic attack there, resulting in that infamous line "Tum mujhe tang karne lage ho!". The third sequence is when Veer drops an inebriated Zoe back home, and the latter tries to get intimate with him only for him to gently push her away. And the last scene is where Raghu breaks down after confessing his mistake of letting Leena (Arushi Sharma) go, leading to Zoe also crying along with him. While Randeep is really good in the scene, Sara once again goes OTT leading to enough snickers in the theatre halls.

#8 Conveniently Disappearing Love Interest

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

After Zoe breaks up with Veer, we see him get close to a colleague of his. And that's it! She is never heard of or mentioned ever again!

#9 Raghu's Weird Jaw-line

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

In the latter portions of the '90s love story, Kartik Aaryan is made to look more like Randeep Hooda that he soon turns into in a matter of two more decades (seriously, what's exactly the older Raj's age is?). For some reason, the makers thought it would be befitting to give him a fake jawline to match Randeep's look. Not only does it looks very distracting, but also the effect ruins a very crucial and emotional scene.

#10 ...And An Ass of a Friend!

A Still from Love Aaj Kal (Photo Credit: Maddock Films)

After Leena dumped his cheating ass, Raghu takes four years of meaningless flings and sex to realise that he still pines for her. He doesn't know her whereabouts, except that she is in Mumbai. And then his friend arrives to meet him, and he gives him her exact details, encouraging him to patch up with her. Thrilled, Raghu rushes off to Mumbai and reach the cafe that she owns, only to find Leena is now married and pregnant. Surely, if Veer's friend knew Leena's exact location, why didn't he tell Veer of the fact that she is now someone else's? And to think, Veer paid for both their drinks and food during their meeting! Like they say, har ek dost kameena hota hai!