Love, Wrinkle-free

In an era where commercial Bollywood cinema is mostly what the world outside of India knows of the Indian film industry, the makers of ‘Love, Wrinkle Free’ are vying for a spot outside the proverbial  box. Indie, low-budget, alternative, niche, the names are many for those that colour outside the lines of mainstream cinema.

Indian born Sandeep Mohan who has previously assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali decided to try his hand as an independent filmmaker and writer. Mohan is also an Emmy Award nominee for his work on Siddhanth.

American resident Giju John an engineer in America by profession but a musician at heart is the second part of this duo.  An avid dancer, John is the musical part of this partnership. What began as just a lyrical association grew to John becoming producer of the film.

Set in the midst of Goa, the story explores the ever-changing relationship between the middle aged Goan businessman Savio, and his 46-year-old wife who is suddenly pregnant. Their adopted teenage daughter, and a woman photographer who Savio comes across, provide the entertaining twists in the tale.

Drawn to the idea of representing a "new India", director Sandeep says their idea stemmed from wanting to draw on the true nature of Indians today, "As Indians are getting more and more exposed to the world outside, issues like "smooth skin", "youth" and "good looks" are taking on a more prominent role among the people. This is a new-India where relationships are being tested by these new values, and how a dysfunctional family copes with these issues.

The film has received accolades at several film festivals and is getting ready to hit Indian shores.