Louisiana restaurant apologizes for 'racist' dress code after swift backlash on social media

Red Stick Social in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has apologized for a proposed dress code that some critics considered "racist." (Photo: Facebook)

A combination bar, restaurant, and bowling alley in Louisiana has issued an apology after social media users claimed their proposed dress code was "racist."

On Tuesday, just three months after the Red Stick Social opened its doors in April, the three-story venue shared a dress code on their Facebook page. The backlash was almost instantaneous and within hours the dress code post, restricting "sagging" pants and clothing with "gang affiliation," it was taken down.

The deleted Facebook post also stated that "clothing that is overly revealing is inappropriate," and that "guests in soiled or torn clothing will be permitted entry at the discretion of management."

Red Stick Social, a restaurant, bar, and bowling alley in Louisiana, came under fire for sharing a proposed dress code for the venue on their Facebook page. The post has since been deleted. (Photo: Facebook)

While the business deleted the post, and the wave of negative comments it received, many continued to voice their displeasure on Red Stick Social's follow-up apology post.

"Earlier today, we posted a set of dress code guidelines to our social media pages in an effort foster a better experience for our customers. We immediately received concerned feedback about the dress code and its potentially negative interpretation," the post read in part. "We hear your concerns loud and clear and thank you for your valuable feedback. We sincerely apologize."

"But do you guys sincerely understand that the dress code that you publicly posted was racist?" one person commented on the post.

Another wrote: “You pushed out a homeless community, gentrified a historic area, posted blatantly racist 'dress codes,' but now you care? Nah."

"Just say that y'all don't want black folks to come," one man shared. “Don't post a weak ass dress code describing how you all perceive we dress.”

Others, however, stood up for the establishment wanting to enforce a dress code.

"The dress code should be enforced... upholds customers to look nice and carry themselves nicely in such establishment. Some clubs have the same exact dress code and that is followed or entry isn’t allowed... what’s the difference?" a commenter asked.

second defended the restaurant’s initial dress code, writing: "I see nothing wrong with a dress code it is a private business and if they choose to cater to a certain clientele that [wears] respectable clothing when they go out to dance and listen to music that is their business if you don’t like it don’t go there but don’t condemn a Private business for wanting to run it in a respectable manner."

A representative for Red Stick Social did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

“Our guests’ experience is something we take very seriously,” the restaurant's post read. “We created Red Stick Social to serve the entire Baton Rouge community and are excited with the incredibly diverse group of guests that have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our venue. Our goal is to provide an environment that welcomes, encourages, and supports diversity and inclusiveness among all our guests and staff.”

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