Lost in Translation! Turkish Reality Star Shows Off Mistranslated Tattoo & Gets Ridiculously Trolled (See Pic)

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The giant tattoo spread from chest to knee on her right, but the only problem was it didn’t make sense.

Ever heard of a phrase, think before you speak? Well, when it comes to sharing anything on social media, you may have to check and re-check everything before posting it online, especially if you have a big fan following or else the trollers are coming out for you. In one such incident, a Turkish media personality unexpectedly garnered international recognition for all the wrong reasons. Naz Mila, 26, became a laughing stock and got ridiculed after she unveiled a new tattoo which got lost in translation. Swedish Mother Changes Her Son's Name After Tattoo Artist Misspelt It on Her Arm.

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Mila, an Azeri-born celebrity and reality show star with over 800,000 followers on Instagram, shared a new picture on Instagram showing off her new tattoo inked across the length of her side. The giant tattoo spread from chest to knee on her right, but the only problem was it didn’t make sense. A popular Turkish phrase which she got inked somehow got lost when translated in English and she unknowingly received severe backlash from netizens. Emma Watson Sports a Tattoo with Spelling Error, Misses an Apostrophe: Gets English Lessons on Twitter.

See Naz Mila’s Mistranslated Tattoo

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The one-liner presumably was meant to read: “Only God can judge my mistakes and truths.” But instead, it read: ‘I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs.’ Ummm, what? As reported by RT, neither Mila nor her tattooist had a good command of English and the phrase was simply put through a Google translator or a similar online service. Several criticisms followed post which she turned off the comments section. Mila was a part of a Turkish reality show ‘With Zuhal Topal’, in which contestants are supposed to find a bride.