Lost in translation! PJ Kurien’s version of Rahul Gandhi speech takes internet by storm | WATCH VIDEO

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Rahul Gandhi speech translation: Congress president Rahul Gandhi was left embarrassed during an election rally in Pathanamthitta, Kerala on Tuesday as his translator senior party leader PJ Kurien fumbled on a number of occasions. Visibly upset by the faux pas, Rahul cut short his speech saying he would now start learning Malayalam.

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The video of the hilarious English to Malayam translation of Rahul Gandhi’s speech by PJ Kurien soon went viral triggering a wave of funny memes on the internet. Twitter was flooded with short clips of the speech showing how Kurien struggled to pick Rahul’s sentences.

Blaming technical issues and echo, Kurien found it difficult to comprehend what the Congress president was saying and ended up conveying the opposite of what Rahul actually meant.

Here is a sample of how Kurien fumbled:

Rahul Gandhi: Congress is fighting against RSS and BJP.
Kurien’s translation: Congress is fighting BJPand CPM

Rahul Gandhi: Have respect for ideologies of parties including CPM
Kurien’s translation: Respect ideas of CPM and BJP

Rahul Gandhi: Will deposit Rs 72,000 in poor people’s accounts
Kurien’s translation: Will deposit Rs 72,000 crore in poor people’s accounts


This is not for the first time that Rahul Gandhi has faced such an issue with his translator. Earlier in March, Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Kanyakumari was tranlated in Tamil by KV Thankabalu who put a wrong interpretation of the top Congress leader’s sentences which was soon picked up on the social media.

Rahul Gandhi’s sentence “…and that is why we respect the people of Tamil Nadu” was translated by Thankabalu as “Narendra Modi is the enemy of the Tamil people.”

KV Thankabalu’s other ‘gems’

Rahul Gandhi: Anil Ambani has never built an aircraft in his life.

Thangkabalu’s translation: He (Anil Ambani) doesn’t always speak the truth.

Rahul Gandhi: All the insurance of Jammu and Kashmir was given to Mr. Anil Ambani.

Thangkabalu’s translation: Jammu and Kashmir, which is an important part of India, has been handed to Anil Ambani.

The Congress and the CPM, which share a broader alliance on the national level, are up against each other in Kerala. Rahul Gandhi, who is contesting from the Wayanad constituency besides Amethi, made it aptly clear that his fight was against the ideology of the RSS and the BJP and he would not indulge in attacks against the CPM. However, Rahul’s decision to contest from Kerala did not impress the CPM which saw it as a contradiction to their stated objective of dislodging the BJP from power at the Centre.

Rahul’s message of unity drew a sharp reaction from the Left which vowed to defeat the Congress in the state. Kerala, which has 20 Lok Sabha seats, will go to polls in the third phase on April 23. Counting of votes will take place on May 23.