How to find lost phone through government’s new website

Vikash Aiyappa

New Delhi, September 17: If your mobile phone gets stolen or is lost, there is no reason to get worried any more, government of India will track the phone for you!

Minister for Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad on September 13th launched a new website which will help in tracking your lost or stolen mobile phone. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has undertaken a project called CEIR or Central Equipment Identity Register for the same. DoT has developed CEIR as a centralised database for billions of IMEIs belonging to mobile devices.

DoT's CEIR project is aimed at blocking and also tracking reported lost or stolen mobile phones across mobile networks. This will also serve as deterrent against theft of mobile phones.

You can soon track your stolen mobile: Govt set to roll out IMEI database

What DoT aims through CEIR project:

  • Blocking of lost/stolen mobile phones across mobile networks
  • Facilitating tracing of lost/stolen mobile phones
  • Prevention of mobile devices with duplicate and fake IMEIs in the network
  • Curtail the use of counterfeit mobile devices
  • Reduced health risks to the users with control of is of counterfeit mobile phones
  • Improved QoS and reduced call drops with reduction in use of counterfeit mobile devices.

How the phones will be tracked

  • If you loose phone the first step is to file a complaint with the DoT. This can be done through helpline number at 14422. Once a police complaint has been registered in this regard, DoT will identify your IMEI number, a 15-digit unique identification number also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity and blacklist it.
  • This will restrict the person in possession of your device from accessing any mobile network.
  • if anyone tries to use the device using a different SIM, the service provider will identify the new user.
  • This service is currently being launched in Maharashtra on a pilot basis.

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