Lord Brahma Discovered Dinosaurs, Claims Panjab Uni Geologist

A Panjab University geologist has claimed that Lord Brahma discovered dinosaurs “before anyone else”, and documented them in the Vedas as well, reported The Indian Express.

Ashu Khosla, an associate professor in the Geology department of the university, told The Indian Express that there is nothing that Lord Brahma did not know. He said Brahma was completely aware of the existence of dinosaurs and has even mentioned them in the Vedas.

"“Before anyone else in the world, it was Lord Brahma who discovered dinosaurs’ existence on earth. India was a hotspot for dinosaur evolution and breeding before extinction. A dinosaur named Rajasaurus had originated in India.”" - Ashu Khosla, Geologist, to The Indian Express

Khosla has presented his research paper on ‘Biotic assemblages from the Deccan trap-associated sedimentary sequences of penninsular India’ at the Indian Science Congress going on at Lovely Professional University.

He added that the word ‘Dinosaur’ has its origin in Sanskrit, with ‘dino’ meaning terrible, it also translates to daayan and saur, which means lizard, related to asur – (rakshas).

He also claimed that everything that exists on Earth is well-mentioned in the Vedas.

The Indian Express report also states that Khosla, along with his team, had discovered the remains of an ‘Indian’ Dinosaur in Gujarat’s Kheda district and officially named it ‘Rajasaurus Narmada ensis’.

The Vedas were written about 25,000 to 30,000 years ago, while dinosaurs went extinct about 6.5 crores years back. When the geologist was questioned on this regard, he said there is no scientific basis since the Vedas were not written on paper.

" “People will even dismiss the existence of Lord Brahma and the Vedas since there is no scientific proof. But the Vedas are the biggest proof in itself. Even Wright Brothers took the idea of aeroplane from Pushpak Vimaan that was used by Ravana in Ramayana.”" - Ashu Khosla, Geologist . Read more on India by The Quint.RSS & BJP’s Nehru-Netaji ‘Cosplay’: Irony Dies a Thousand DeathsReport Card: How Team India Players Fared in Series Win Over Aus . Read more on India by The Quint.