Looks Like a Model and Sounds Like a Prodigy: Lola Astanova Gives Beethoven an EDM Twist


Classical music can often be perceived as boring, and that bore is exactly what world-renowned pianist Lola Astanova aims to prove wrong with a new dynamic classical/crossover and EDM single “Elise Was Here.” What a better way to bring Beethoven back to life than blending him with electro music and an amazing visual performer? By doing this, the musician has combined two very relevant genres and has allowed the audience to experience music in a very unique way.

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It is very easy to find Lola exciting and appealing; take one look at her Instagram account and you will feel the same way. Hundreds of posts will reveal the model-looking artist playing the piano in different settings. But that’s not it! She shares her amazing talent with her followers while giving a twist to the pianist stereotype in the fun and entertaining ways she chooses to play the instrument. Scrolling through her Instagram, you can see Lola implementing workout routines while playing Mozart. Keep making your way through her feed and you’ll catch Lola playing blindfolded or upside down. Did you think about her playing two pianos at the same time? Yes, you will find that too.

Every performance Lola gives is incredibly unique and allows her personality to shine through. In an era with artists like Lady Gaga who aren’t afraid to be themselves, Lola fits in perfectly. Her outfits are an extension of the kind of music she wants to share with the world: sexy but classical. Lately the piano star has been seen taking a new direction and sharing her love for other music genres besides classical, by combining her entertaining performances with her love for EDM to let us know that classical music isn’t dead, in fact it’s still very relevant. From simple black dresses and jeans to a very attractive Beethoven costume, she isn’t afraid to experiment with her appearance while putting on a moving performance.

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On May 1st 2020, “Elise Was Here” was released by Sony Music on every major digital platform along with an instrumental animated video recently uploaded to YouTube. When promoting her new track on Instagram, Lola described her newest single as “Tradition gets twisted and classical becomes cool again” which is exactly what the viewer experiences when listening to her new track. The video is the perfect visual of these two grand elements combined. You get the flashing lights and modern vision from EDM and at the same time you can hear Beethoven’s iconic melody. What shines through the most is Lola’s pure talent on the keyboard. Music legend, David Foster remarked on this talent in an interview about Lola saying, “She has the strength of six foot four male bodybuilder in her hands, and she has these little hands, I don’t know how she does it. She has a gift as a pianist.” Her piano-slaying skills leave the viewer in awe and wanting more, something that can be perceived in everything she does.

What does Lola’s new single mean? What happens when you combine EDM, a female pianist with sex appeal, and Beethoven? The answer to that is a well-rounded, talented, and audience-appealing music performer. These days, artists need to be evolving constantly in order to stay relevant, to keep their followers happy, and their names circulating. Upon this new release, we can guarantee Lola Astanova is a name we will continue to hear for years to come. Her music is a new kind of sound that we all needed but didn’t know we wanted until she put it out there for us to enjoy. And one thing we can be sure of, simply by scrolling through her Instagram account, is that she will never stop evolving and attracting viewers.

“Elise Was Here” looks just like the beginning of Lola’s recognition in the eyes of a much bigger audience. She could easily attract EDM fans, classical fans, and those who constantly look for new material to listen to. Her followers won’t belong to just one genre because her goal is to go beyond what is normally expected of a pianist. Her looks will appeal many, but her talent will keep everyone on their toes and excited for more from Lola Astanova.

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