Looking to up Your Sneaker Game? Hush Puppies Has You Covered!

What’s common to Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and rapper Jay Z? It’s their love for sneakers (of course, other than the fact that all of them are immensely popular). And you know why? Because nothing quite elevates your fashion quotient like a cool pair of sneakers does. No wonder, you spot sneakers everywhere, from award functions to red carpet appearances. The best part is that you can pair them with just about anything and yet manage to make a strong fashion statement. Not just Hollywood, a lot of Bollywood stars too are unabashed in their love for sneakers.

Everybody Loves Sneakers

If fashion icons everywhere are doing it, it’s only natural for youngsters to emulate their idols. This explains why sneakers are a big hit with millennials. It’s like, in sneakers, they’ve found something that perfectly matches their exciting lifestyle.

Gym, work, dates, parties - millennials pack all this and more in just a single day. They’re constantly on the move, traveling to new places, discovering new experiences. They want a shoe that’s stylish, comfortable and keeps up with their pace. Well, if you too identify with this, then we have some really good news for you! #BounceMax by Hush Puppies is just what you’ve been looking for.

"#BounceMax boasts of the latest technology from Hush Puppies, that has previously given us Bounce and Bounce Plus."

The Ultimate Walking Experience

Hush Puppies pioneered the casual lifestyle revolution, and have been at it since 1958, which is why we’re totally excited about #BounceMax.

  • Every Hush Puppies shoe has been a combo of style and comfort, but with this one, they’ve taken things to a new level altogether.
  • #BounceMax comes with five pods on the sole that provide you superior cushioning and stability - so even on days when there’s a lot of walking or running around involved, your feet won’t tire easily.
  • With this shoe, you’re assured of an ultimate walking experience every single time as it has been designed around the way your foot connects with the ground.

It’s quite likely that you will fall in love with walking all over again.

Made To Move You

You could be commuting to work or discovering a new city on foot, with #BounceMax you will always be comfortable. Clearly it’s a shoe that’s made to #MadeToMoveYou. While this was all about comfort, the shoe ranks high on the fashion meter as well, like every other one from Hush Puppies. The #BounceMax collection boasts of an amazing variety of colours and styles, for both men and women. A pair of #BounceMax is available between Rs 4,999 and Rs 7,999.

"Isn’t it amazing how Hush Puppies continues to redefine ‘casual’ even after so many years? They’re not considered cultural icons for nothing. "Final Word

Now that we’ve convinced you to get a pair (or two) of #BounceMax, you must be wondering as to where you will find them. Head to your nearest Hush Puppies store or go over to hushpuppies.in, and up your sneaker game! And while you’re at it, better get ready to answer your friends who ask you where you got these cool pair of sneakers from. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

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