London Dog Rescued From River Thames by Paddleboarder

A dog was rescued by a paddleboarder after she fell into the River Thames while on a walk in southwest London on January 9.

Vivi Hanson recorded this footage and originally posted it to Instagram.

Hanson told Storyful she was standing near the river in Richmond, about to feed a goose, when the dog, named Ruby, fell into the water.

“Myself and Ruby’s owner ran to the side closest to the river to call her to swim toward us, but unfortunately she got stuck on a piece of wood,” Hanson said.

Hanson told Storyful the owner was about to jump into the river when they saw Kevin De Klerk on his paddleboard making his way over to help Ruby.

“Ruby was only in the water around two minutes. It all happened very fast,” she said. “So lucky and such good timing that Kevin just happened to be there on his paddleboard!”

Hanson told Storyful she’s been in contact with Ruby’s owner, who says Ruby is now fully recovered from the whole ordeal. Credit: Vivi Hanson via Storyful