How London Based STORED Is Disrupting the Self Storage Industry?

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The world of the storage market has created room for companies and individuals to capitalize on a new market. It’s no secret; the companies out there grinding every day are also continually searching for that ‘edge’ to out-match their competitors. One solution any business or individuals can rely on to deliver this edge is a reputable, service-driven STORED, a high-service self storage company that has revolutionised the UK self storage market.

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Transforming the game and changing the status quo may sound simple and straightforward, but it involves a process that mashes skill with brilliance, perseverance, and creativity. STORED was founded in London, UK, in 2014 as bySTORED and it turned the self storage model on its head by taking a customer-centric service approach, providing a seamless door-2-door service with free pick ups from the comfort of customers’ homes. Customers can then get one or more items returned back to their home when they want, all simply ordered on STORED’s website where an online inventory of customers’ items in storage simplifies the process further.

Founders of the company have become a strong force in the self storage industry. They have previously worked in the branding, tech, marketing and finance worlds for companies like Giorgio Armani, L’Oreal, Bain & Co, to create a storage company like no other. They found that self service storage had zero focus on the customer, on service and on user experience.

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Both Peter Gentzel and Daniel Axsater have made a name in the self storage industry, where they changed the reputation of what was regarded as a money-making industry where companies can genuinely deliver and grow by focusing on clients with superior customer service. Most importantly, STORED provides a degree of transparency not seen in the self storage industry.

The innovation and the returns made by STORED's system have entirely improved the company and financial growth. STORED launched in London, UK and has since expanded to Surrey and the South-East of England. Right from the launch, the company has come a long way since then and quickly gained customers throughout families, young professionals, students and business alike and has served over 12,500 customers to date. In addition, the highly service minded driver team has been awarded an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot, to make this the most hassle-free storage service in the UK.

Until today, the company is very active and works closely with every client that placed their orders with them. STORED’s primary objective is to create an outstanding user experience and work on something greater than they could ever imagine. Huge resources have been placed and continue to be placed on creating an online and offline environment that takes the hassle out of storage. This compromises focusing on the needs of the customers and trying to make the storage experience as hassle-free as possible, whilst providing amongst the cheapest storage units around.

The company has been widely covered by the high-tier news media and publications including Forbes, the Guardian, the Evening Standard, Glamour and several others. Right after launching in Central London, STORED has quickly expanded to encompass all of Greater London, Surrey and are now expanding further to the South East of England and is looking to add further cities globally in the next 12 months. The constant innovation in the training and creating a self storage model have pushed them to the top and continues to grow in sophistication.

As the revolutions in self service continue to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that STORED will be there, leading the charge.