London Artist Gets Followed and Harassed by Man For Complaining to Her Mom of 'People Are Not Wearing Masks' on Tube, Twitter Thread Documenting Her Horrific Experience Goes Viral

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It has become a norm to wear masks at all times in public places. While the cases of coronavirus may have reduced, wearing a facemask is one way of staying safe from getting the deadly infection. But a musical artist and actress in London who just happened to share what she saw with her mother on the phone faced a horrific experience. Corrine Priest who travelled in Hendon tube was speaking to her mother on call and complained about people not wearing masks on her tube. But a man began following her, harassed her assuming she spoke about him and made her apologize for it. Priest has documented the whole thing in a Twitter thread and it has shocked people. Some are even trying to find the man via the internet. ‘Karen’ Harasses Black Man, Throws Puppy at Him and Accuses Him of Stealing the Dog in California, Viral Twitter Thread Captures the Woman’s Racist Rant (Watch Videos).

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Corrine Priest, an actress made a three-part thread where she showed how she was followed by a man in broad daylight. She has recorded their conversation in which the man is seen blaming her for complaining about people not wearing masks. He assumes that she spoke about him and begins to abuse her. He even threatens her saying he is getting someone to beat her up! He then tells the woman to apologise to him. She does so to avoid trouble but has shared the videos as a warning to other women out there. Her videos are going viral and netizens are in shock with such behavior! It must be noted that London has imposed coronavirus lockdown again to contain the spread of rising COVID-19 cases.

Check The Twitter Thread Here:

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A Detail of Their Conversation

This is Not Okay

Her tweets and videos have crossed over 5 lakh views. And although shocked with the incident, many people have offered support in the comments section.


Handled it Well

What is World Coming to!

Let's Find Him?

People appreciated her for handling it well despite feeling a little scared by the way it was turning out. People asked her to give the video to police so that they can find him sooner. Everyone is hoping he would be found soon and punished.