Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla's remarks on Brahmins reeks of casteism: Kapil Sibal

New Delhi: Slamming Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla for his reported remarks eulogizing Brahmin caste, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that his mindset reeks of casteism.

"Om Birla: Speaker Lok Sabha said: "Brahmins are held in high regard by virtue of birth". It is this mindset that caters to a caste-ridden unequal India. We respect you Birlaji not because you are a Brahmin but because you are our Speaker in Lok Sabha," tweeted Kapil Sibal.

Birla attended the meeting of the Akhil Brahmin Mahasabha in Rajasthan's Kota on Sunday.

"Brahmins have always held a high position in society. Their position is because of the sacrifice and hard work. This is the reason why Brahmins have always been the touch-bearers," tweeted Om Birla.

His tweet stoked controversy over social media with people cornering him over his tweet and even demanding his resignation