Lok Sabha Polls: NDA set to return to power with 283 seats, predicts Times Now survey

Deepika S

New Delhi, Mar 18: The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance islikely to return to power winning 283 seats, predicts the Times Now-VMR opinion survey for the upcoming general elections.

The Times Now-VMR survey predicts a huge win for the NDA in the Hindi heartland and in the northeast region.

The survey also predicted BJP making significant inroads in West Bengal and Odisha.

The survey had earlier predicted a hung Lok Sabha in 2019 with the BJP-led NDA winning 252 seats in the 545-member house followed by the Congress--led UPA with 147 seats and Others with 144 seats.

The BJP's tally is projected to come down to 215 in 2019 from 282 in 2014, while the Congress is predicted to improve its tally to 96 seats from 44 in the previous general election.

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The latest survey comes after two most notable developments - Interim Budget, which was said to have been exceptionally populist and the Balakot counter-terror operation which took place on February 26 in response to the Pulwama carnage.

NDA's vote share improves in South, says Times Now survey

The survey also found the NDA's significant improvement in vote share in the southern states with the saffron party likely to win 15 seats in Karnataka, while the ruling combine of Congress-JD(s) is projected to win only 13 seats.

Tamil Nadu

Lok Sabha seats - 39
Vote share: UPA 52.20, NDA 37.20, Others 10.60
Seat share: UPA 34, NDA 5, Others 0


Lok Sabha seats - 20
Vote share: UDF 45, NDA 21.70, LDF 29.20, Others 4.10
Seat share: UDF 16, NDA 1, LDF 3, Others 0

Andhra Pradesh

Lok Sabha seats - 25
Vote share: UPA 2.2, NDA 5.8, TDP 38.4, YSRCP 48.8, Others 4.9
Seat share: UPA 0, NDA 0, TDP 3, YSRCP 22, Others 0


Lok Sabha seats - 17
Vote share: UPA 30.3, NDA 17.6, TRS 41.2, Others 10.90
Seat share: UPA 1, NDA 2, TRS 13, Others 1


Lok Sabha seats - 28
Vote share: UPA 43.50, NDA 44.30, BSP 0.90, Others 11.20
Seat share: UPA 13, NDA 15, BSP 0, Others 0

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