Live Updates: Today's Chanakya Gives Around 350 Seats To NDA; ABP Predicts 287 Seats

Rohini Chatterji

Polling has concluded across 542 Lok Sabha constituencies across all states and union territories in India. Exit polls released immediately after predict a sweeping victory for Narendra Modi and the BJP

News18-IPSOS, Times Now-CNX, NewsX-Neta, Republic Bharat-Jan Ki Baat, Republic-CVoter, ABP-CSDS, Today’s Chanakya and India Today-Axis are the major exit polls released today. 

Here are the live updates

9:30 pm: Today’s Chanakya predicts major victory for BJP

Today’s Chanakya said the BJP alone would win around 300 (+/- 14 seats) and the NDA 350 (+/- 14 seats)

8:35 pm: Exit Polls Predict Big Win For BJP In Bihar 

Republic TV: NDA 33, UPA 7

Times Now-VMR: NDA 30, UPA 10


8:20 pm: Congress Spokesperson Sanjay Jha Calls Exit Polls Farcical


8:15 pm: ABP Exit Polls Predict 287 Seats For NDA

8:10 pm: News18-IPSOS Predicts NDA Landslide With 336 Seats

Even the News18-IPSOS exit poll has predicted a NDA landslide with 336 seats. They have predicted only 82 seats for the Congress and 124 for others.

8:05 pm: Here Are The Exit Poll numbers For Tamil Nadu

Times Now-VMR: NDA 09, UPA 29

Republic TV : NDA 11, UPA 27

7:45 pm: Omar Abdullah’s Sage Advice On Exit Polls 

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