Aviation Min Hints At Resuming International Flights Before August

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    Travel tourism industry finished almost 2.5 crore job loss to happen
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    Good decision .we have to open up before corona eats the economy,
    There is no way but live with and manage corona
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    Event 201 is COVID19
    Please update the article. He just announced that international flights could start by middle of June.
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    Still now corona is not yet under control. Its increasing day by day. Govt should not use international flight now.
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    Kauaa chala hans ki chaal, chala to chala apni chaal bhi bhool gaya. Same thing is happening to India, we are following America and forgotten our priorities....
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    Dr jayanta Karmakar
    Home quarantine is enough for healthy person,no need for institutional quarantine for healthy person.
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    Ebaneser Daniel
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    Am I supposed to just guess as to which country this article pertains to ?
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    Good decision. It's simple.. the government did their part... now it's upto us... If u want to survive take precautions.. and stay alive...
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    There is no need to quarantine any passenger whether one is Air or otherwise, when they have green status.