Lockdown 4.0: Full List of What's Allowed, What's Restricted in Delhi Till May 31

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Delhi Chief Minister on Monday announced guidelines for the fourth phase of the nationwide lockdown, extended till May 31. Addressing an online press conference, Kejriwal listed out number of activities that will be permitted and restricted within the national capital.

While shops in markets have been allowed to open on an odd-even basis, malls, hotels and cinema halls have been asked to remain shut. Metro services, schools, colleges, spa, salons and bars will also remain closed.

A night curfew will also remain in place from 7 PM till 7 AM, except for essential goods and services.

Here's a full list of activities that will be permitted and restricted in Delhi during Lockdown 4.0.

Activities Permitted

The following activities have been allowed to function during the lockdown:

1. Bus services have been allowed in the national capital but with only 20 passengers on board at a time. Passengers will be screened before boarding the vehicle. Transport department will ensure that social distancing norms are followed inside the vehicle.

2. All essential, neighbouring and standalone shops have been allowed to open.

3. All industries are allowed to open.

4. Taxis and cab aggregators have been allowed to ply. However, only 2 passengers can travel in one vehicle at a time.

5. Markets have been allowed to open. However, shops in market areas will be open on odd-even basis.

6. Sport complexes and stadiums have been allowed to open, but with no spectators.

5. Constructions activities have also been permitted. However, only with those labourers that are present within the national capital as of now.

6. Private and government offices have been allowed to open with 100 per cent workforce. However, employers have been asked to encourage work from home to maintain social distancing.

7. Food delivery has been permitted.

8. Auto rickshaws are allowed to ply. However, only one passenger travel in the rickshaw at a time.

9. Weddings will be allowed with only 50 guests and funerals can have only 20 guests present.

10. Trucks carrying all kinds of goods have been permitted.

Activities Restricted

The following activities have been not been allowed to function during the lockdown:

1. Delhi Metro services will not remain functional.

2. Schools, colleges and universities will remain closed.

3. Religious institutions and places of worship will also remain shut.

4. All religious, political, social, cultural and any other form of gatherings is not permitted.

5. Cab aggregators have not been allowed carpooling.

6. Night curfew shall remain in place. No person shall be allowed to venture outside their homes between 7 PM to 7 AM, except for essentials services or in case of an emergency.

7. Hotels, cinema halls, malls, bars, pubs will remain closed.

8. Barber shops, spas and salons will also not be allowed.

9. Restaurants will not open for dine-in services. However, home delivery of food is permitted.

10. No pillion riding will be allowed on two-wheelers.

11. No activities are permitted in containment zones.