Local organisation offer free cold water to bring respite from blistering heat

With the month of May just around the corner, blistering heat wave has started hassling the people of Karnataka. Temperature in state's Gulbarga area has already crossed 42 degree Celsius and people are often seen looking for any kind of respite. Thus looking at the situation, a local organisation have stepped in and started supplying free cold drinking water to the people of Gulbarga. Hailing the initiative, an auto driver named Raju thanked the Renukacharya organisation for providing them the free water facility. The initiative is helping the people who are forced to come out in the day. Local people, auto drivers and students are often seen accessing the cold water so as to get some form of relief in Gulbarga's SVP circle area. The Renukacharya Organisation at present has decided to supply the free cold water till end of May.