Local Maharashtrain weavers' work to be launched on Amazon India

Forwarding the Make in India initiative, Amazon India has successfully roped Maharashtra State Handloom Corporations into an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

Amazon is set to bind Maharashtra State Handlooms Corporations in a contract soon. The plan is to bring together the works of around 600 weavers from 17 different villages across Maharashtra under a common name on Amazon. The e-commerce web portal is hoping for an increase in its customer base as it plans to feature the handloom products by launching Indrayani Handlooms on Amazon.

The chairman of Maharashtra State Handlooms Corporation, Prakash Nakul Patil expressed honour in being associated with Amazon India and said, “We believe that this partnership with Amazon India will help in expanding their (the local weavers) reach and provide employability, besides also offering the best-quality traditional products to millions of customers from the country”.

Pranav Bhasin, the Director, Seller Experience of Amazon India commented: “The launch of Indrayani Handlooms on the Amazon marketplace is yet another step in our sustained commitment towards the weavers and the government in its effort to drive growth and employment in the respective state economy”.

The MOU is a step towards a legally binding contract. No other details of the negotiations between the parties have been recorded. There is also no word out from the weavers who will be doing the groundwork.

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