LoC of its tolerance breached, India acts

Mohan K Korappath

Mumbai, Nov. 22 -- Former high court justices and top police officers lauded the manner in which Ajmal Kasab's execution was carried out and said it would send a clear message that India will not tolerate such acts of terror.

Former Mumbai police commissioner MN Singh said the government had carried it (execution) out in great style and with finesse. "It had to be done in complete secrecy. This is what was expected," Singh said reacting to the news of execution.

Especially with the 26/11 anniversary just around the corner, Singh said, the Indian government had gone about the issue in a thoughtful manner and this is the fastest that our Indian judiciary had moved.

"This is decisive action by the President of India. He has respected the judicial decisions with the quickness it required," said former acting chief justice of the Bombay high court, VG Palshikar.

Afzal Guru's trial was over 11 years ago and still there is no decision taken while Kasab's trial and execution got over within four years. "This will show that hereafter India is not going to tolerate such atrocious attacks," said Palshikar.

Former Maharashtra DGP Dr PS Pasricha said, "Kasab is a symbol of terrorism. This (execution) shows national resolve to deal with such cases with an iron hand."

Former IPS officer and lawyer YP Singh on the other hand said the execution should have been carried out openly. "By executing a person who had volunteered to die, it seems like we are wrongly patting our back," he added.

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.