Loan waiver claims: MP Minister contradicts Rahul Gandhi, says Congress could not fulfill promise

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Madhya Pradesh Minister Govind Singh on Friday contradicted former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s claims and said that his government could not waive off farmer loans as promised by the party in its manifesto. He said the situation was difficult which is why there was a delay in waiving off loans.

At a public gathering, MP Minister Govind Singh said that Rahul Gandhi had promised farm loan waiver of up to Rs 2 lakh in 10 days, but his government could not it. He further said that the opposition was saying that Congress betrayed the farmers but the situation was difficult that is why there was a delay in waiving off loans.

This is the first time a sitting cabinet minister has admitted that the promise of a loan waiver has not been met in Madhya Pradesh.

The Congress had promised that if elected it would provide a farm loan waiver of up to Rs 2 lakh within 10 days. The party came to power in December 2018. Hours after taking over on December 17, chief minister Kamal Nath cleared the proposal of farm loan waiver but added some riders.

Two days after this, then Congress chief Rahul Gandhi claimed that his promise was fulfilled by his chief ministers. In a tweet on December 19, 2018, Gandhi had said Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh had waived farm loans. He further said that he had asked for 10 days but did it in just two.

However, his own party leaders have now admitted that loans have not waived-off as promised. Last year in October, senior Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia had said that the farm loans had not been waived off in totality. He had said that loan of only Rs 50,000 had been waived off even when the party had promised that loan up to Rs 2 Lakh would be waived off. Just a month before him, Congress MLA Lakshman Singh had said that waiving loans worth Rs 45,000 crore in 10 days was not possible, but if Rahul Gandhi made that promise then the party should seek forgiveness from the public.